What’s the Best Backup Solution for You?

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If you have never used a backup program, relax because they’re pretty easy. Makers of computer software know that not all people are computer geeks. As a result, they work to create programs whose user interface is not only clean, but intuitive and user friendly as well. But then again, there are computer applications that are still not as user friendly as you would expect them to be. Often, backup programs created for businesses are difficult to use. Today we’re doing our short reviews on several backup applications to look at in 2012.
There are a number of backup programs that can create a full image backup of your computer hard drive. You may want to try DT Utilities PC to create full image backups. What’s so interesting about this solution is you can backup all of your Windows OS settings — if you use Windows, that is. The second version of DT Utilities PC has improved design for disaster recovery. There are many reasons total hard drive failures occur. You shouldn’t wait for it to happen to you, but in case it does happen, having backup software can help your your chances of data recovery.

For less tech savvy users, there’s PowerBackup. Backing up your files using this program only takes 3 easy steps. One thing lacking with PowerBackup is it does not include a program for creating a separate record on removable storage media. Another downside to PowerBackup is that you can’t perform a complete hard drive backup of your computer.

When you configure the program used for your backup, there is different accessory hardware that can be used. Of all the many various options you have, what you like is what your choice will depend on. You can backup your data by storing it in an external drive, and doing it in the middle of the night. Every day you will want certain files backed up, so get a backup solution that will let you do that. Not everyone uses their computer every day for things that need to be backed up, so you might not need this. Those who are in business on the Internet should backup their daily data just to protect their business records.

In conclusion, it is a personal choice as to what type of backup software in 2012 that you end up using. Think about the data you need to backup, and also your own knowledge about protecting information. Some programs are easier to operate than others and offer more or less capabilities. This article has presented you with information that you can use – it’s up to you to make the final choice.